The Adventures of Mr. Koolpaste

As Plaque and Gingivitis secretly plotted aganist their next victim. The thought of so many willing participants absolutely humored them. "You see that little girl in the navy blue shorts, Gin" Plaque said under his breath to Gingivitis playfully "I'll have her crying to see the dentist in 3 weeks" he laughed his sinister laugh then inquired again, "You Betting?" "That little white girl , in the navy blue shorts right there, Pee?" Gingivitis nodded her head slightly toward the girl, not wanting to blow their cover. "Yes, her in 3 weeks I'll have her with a plaque build up so thick, it's gonna take three dentists to penetrate my work" he chuckled.

"No bet, little cousin, I believe you " Gingivitis laughed back at her cousin Plaque. Then she became serious "Look she said" you see my boy right there dressed all preppy with the loafs on? He looks pretty sturdy a real oral hygiene guru. Whatta ya say Pee? Plaque quickly nodded his approval, laughed at his corny prey and struck out to attack. But unfortunately his attack was cut short.

"Excuse me your stinkiness but if you and your roadie here are trying to solicit these good shopping folks, then I'm affraid I'm going to have to ask you two scumbags to leave the premises ." Mr Koolpaste said sternly and stood his ground with arms folded. "Daggumit Gin" Plaque whispers nervously "who would've ever thought out of all the places this orthodonist looking son of a gun would be here." "I don't know Pee" Gingivitis replied knees literally shaking " but lets split!" and the two cowardly fled.

Out of breath the two filthy cousins now rested on the west wing of the mall. Gin, spoke first, looking around checking their surroundings "I don't know who this Mr. Koolpaste think he is but I'm bout to turn up" she said, obviously, in an attempt to pump herself up "and I don't know about you cous but I didn't come all the way out here to go home empty handed. This my playground she emphasized and garsh darn it by the inflammation invested in me, I'm bout to have some fun! Now rubbing her hands together, licking her chops, she thought she had it all figured out.

"Pee, I got an idea" and a light bulb flashed over her head " way to cool, fam" Plaque said definitly amused, "and how'd you get that light bulb to pop up like that?"

"Pee, listen I need you to focus, I know the light bulb trick hit you outta no where but focus, kinfolk" Gingivitis pleaded .Once again the two nuisances was on the move , as Gin approached the young lad and the male figure with her, she let her hair down, put a twist in her walk, glossed her lips and inserted a peppermint, oh how she hated the fresh minty taste of a peppermint, but sometimes a person had to do what they had to do....

"Hi," Gin said in the most friendliest tone, "I'm Gin and this is my cousin Peter" she introduced and as you can see Peter has a bag of candy that was donated by the non-profit organization Visions-For-A-Betterment" she lied and we've been around this mall and back giving it out to beautiful kids like yourself and just so happens we have a couple 100 Bar left. "Eat them!, eat them now! all of them!" Gin transformed and went from humble to aggressive in a matter of seconds.

Breach, Breach, Breach! The malls intercom blurred as Gin forced the candy down the childs throat. Then out of no where, Mr. Koolpaste hoisted a tube of aqua fresh koolpaste from his holster and ordered gingivitis to step back away from the girl and get down. Gingivitis hestitsntly stepped away as told with hands held high. Mr Koolpaste then ran to the child's aid, " are you alrigt kiddo?" he asked with concern. " I-I-I dont know" she stammered, discombulated Mr Koolpast quickly pulled a koolbrush from his combat attire and brushed the childs teeth expertly.

Seeing the crowd build the two cousins Plaque and Gingivitis escaped yet again. Despite the earnest effort, the brushing was doing no good. The child had simply consumed too many candies.

Jumping up and down in excitement Gin yelled " Did you see that back there, Pee, the way the sugar was eating at that poor little girls teeth was simply amazing! I could see cavities instantly starting to form. Yeah, we did that," Plaque cheered her on.

Meanwhile, at the other wing of the mall Mr Koolpaste screamed over his kool walkie talkie " Somebody get a dentist over here! This childs' mouth has been breached and exposed to way to much sugar!"

The dentist arrived promptly and jumped directly into character. "Anesthesia" he barked at his assistant and she eagerly complied. "My stainless steel glass mirror" was his second comand. Finally he asked for his special stainless steel spatula.

Moment passed then he looked over at Mr Koolpaste and said in relief " The girl is good, her teeth suffered an extensive influx of sugar which led to the cavities and plaque build up, but we countered with a professional deep cleaning just in the nick of time. And now that , that's done we need you to go bag the bad guys.

Hearing the good news, Mr Koolpaste immediately took into action. While Plaque was biting down into his 6th chocolate chip brownie of the hour he questioned Gingivitis about how many people world wide did she think she affected per year. " Ahhh about roughly 200,000 give and take" she smiled whole heartedly, obviously proud of her accomplishments.

"Wait, chill. Knock it off Mr Koolpaste is snooping around," Plaque cautioned.

Pretending to be incognito to Mr Koolpaste hastingly noticed the two bad cases of wasted matter. "Gingivitis is on fire and oozing puss," He said to himself and plaque is building like never before. " This looks like a job for my new maxium strength icy artic blast koolpaste" Mr Koolpaste started to proceed then he realized he may need back up, so he grabbed some kool minty mint bombs to accomodate him. On the count of three he now prepared himself, and crept along the blind side of the two cousins, one he mumbled, then he grabbed the tube of artic blast, two and when he counted three like a ghost in the night coming into plain view. Plaque and Gingivitis never stood a chance Mr Koolpaste hurdled an assault of kool minty mini mint bombs at the two relentlessly. Then he pulled out a double barrel of the new icy artic blast koolpaste and extinguished them with a double goo.

The inflammation in gingivitis started to defuse and plaque reluctantly loosen its grip. But not wanting to lose the battle the young warrior started to persisit, however the knock out blow came when Mr Koolpaste unleashed the now legendary drill upon plaque and drilled the lingering plaque right out.

"Congratulations Mr Koolpaste you've done it again," Captain Brooks said with a smile of approval, extending his hand. "Anytime" Mr Koolpaste replied accepting his grip, "just doing my job." Then flashed his famous koolpacious smile and walked away.

The End

Written By:

Maximus Kendale III