Look-Listen-Learn Youth Development Foundation, LX3, seeks to embrace our youth at an early age to direct their focus down the right path to growth and success. 

Look-Listen-Learn Youth Development Foundation presents:

Street Organization Unification Gang and Violence Prevention

In an attempt to curb the violence across the state of Mississippi, LX3 has a message to all street organizational members. UNITE TO MAKE OUR COMMUNITIES SAFER FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN AND ELDERS!! No longer will the manacles of a violent mind state continue to hinder us from a more positive approach. The rising violence in our communities spread by alleged "street organization" members must be halted and replaced by values, self worth and moral standards. To begin, we will replace weapons with will power and be righteous throughout the community. We need our communities diverse with the assistance of teachers, street advocates, gang leaders/members and professional scholars. This will allow us to assemble as mentors, big brothers and sisters and help mold and connect local minds together. Simple, selfless acts that would help us to excel through any feat. This project's sole purpose is to project positivity through peers to create a better environment for all.

To conclude, this STOP THE VIOLENCE movement is a call to all street organizational members to take a positive stance against violence both on the outside in our communities and within the Penal System by being productive role models, embracing educational curriculums and laying the weapons down to develop one unified community where harmony and prosperity will forever dwell. To reiterate, this is a cry to all street organizational leaders and members to unite for the sake of our children and elders.