Upcoming Programs

LX3 Sports Team

LX3 is in the process of providing an opportnity to teach the youth proper and fun athletic skills to allow them a chance to not just understand sports but be successful in their participation. We aim to ensure good health and physical practices while simultaneously bringing back the excitement of participating in sports. Team sports such as softball, baseball, football, and basketball will be provided for the youth to participate. Offering these activities will allow the youth in the community to elevate their skills and perform with heightened knowledge of the sport. 

LX3 After School Program

LX3 is in the process of providing youth in the community with essential assistance in their studies after school. Providing this program will give students proper guidance to help them excel academically. Students will also be offered proper etiquette courses, life skills courses, as well as behavioral courses to provide a holistic approach toward positivity and productivity. LX3 will provide these courses through willing, whole-hearted effort from properly trained staff. We look forward to being a positive asset to communities locally and abroad.