Street Organization Unification was established in the year 2017 by Non Profit Organizer and Founder of the non profit organization, Kevin K. Jackson, for the Divine purpose of unifying street organizational members under one Creed. "United We Prevail, Divided We Fail" to faithfully rid our communities of the senseless violence that has plague them for what can be easily classified as an eternity and instill a more harmonized, unified, domestic vision in those who profess loyalty to street factions, sets, nations, mobs etc.. Thus eradicating the gang bang mental capacity that has relentlessly hindered us from unifying our efforts and talents. Despite affiliation. To break free from the negative stigmatized image of our past and prison reciprocation. CNN reports there are an estimated 27,900 gangs in the U.S. and over 774,000 gang members. The most recent figures provided by law enforcement are 46% Hispanic gang members, 35% African American gang member, more than 11% white gang members and 7% other race/ ethically of gang members. Harboring statistics as quoted; our focus is to convert as many members as possible into positive and effective leaders of our communities and to assist in guiding our youth pass destruction toward prosperity and success.
Kevin K Jackson
For more information regarding Street Organization Unification log on to our official website and click@S.O.U.