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  To clarify, Look Listen Learn Youth Development Foundation is a legitimate NPO outreaching with a 501(c)(3). We are trained professionals in our respectful fields. We welcome/accept all members of humanity despite race, creed or culture. Our mission is to help lead our youth down a righteous path. And inspire as many as we can to be better individuals. 
Approximately four to five months ago. We held a stop the violence movement which was also embraced by some of the gentlemen of the MDOC whom belonged to a specific street organization; the Gangster Disciples. End result the organization/gang rendered almost 400 sharpen instruments commonly known as shanks that could have easily caused someone serious body harm. Mr Derrick Houston the chief advocate for the organization/gang spread headed this effort and it was successful. Not only did we accumulate over 200 weapons from our street endeavors we also accumulated almost 400 weapons on the inside of MDOC which was given to the facility heads of each institution in return the for a better educational system, Life Skill Programs and Activities to help them pursue sufficient Rehabilitation. At this time on the behalf of LX3, Abu Shadda, Gregory Greenwood, Kevin Jackson, Tammy Bo Bo, Derrick Houston, Antonio Bell and everyone with positive energy to display and share we extend our condolences to the victims and families that were killed or injured. Violence is never the answer to resolution. You guys are in our prayers and will remain in our prayers. 
To the contrary while the very same administrations are allowing understaffed prisons and negative offender's energy to compromise correctional officers to the extent of actually assisting in combating the positive efforts of the righteous by allowing the same guys who left their lives in the hands of the MDOC Commissioner Phelica Hall, only to lose their lives. That news was totally heartbreaking. 
But now that these casualties has befell and the harsh reality of our Mississippi Penal System has been revealed, where do we go from here? One can't simply overlook the fact of failed "rehabilitation" Which should be the primary focus. With proper rehabilitation the offender's once released back into society will be able to transition easier which makes society much safer. 
Here at Look Listen Learn Youth Development Foundation we are not bias, we extend our services and programs out to all! Our goal is to support, uplift and motivate all humanity. 
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