Entertainment that Reshapes Your Mind


Company: M.O.G. (Master of the Game); Subsidiary Music Group

Mission: To use our music as a positive influence in and out; to reshape the mindset of the world. We aim to stop the violence, illiteracy, recidivism and negative outcomes in our community. 

Vision: Simple.....To give them the game.

LX3 Entertainment promotes and searches for potential artists who fit the criteria of our purpose. We strive to promote artists whose lyrics teach the listener. LX3 aims to drop consecutive releases and use fresh products as a bridge to success. 

LX3 Entertainment supports community projects throughout the country such as talent shows, concerts, etc. When LX3 signs a new artist they are signed to major contracts where LX3 is the active agent and create a portfolio. We use all of our connections to the industry to promote our talent and provide opportunities to build alliances throughout the industry. 

LX3 Entertainment promotes many programs that affect our communites such as cancer awareness, bullying, personal hygiene and youth development. These topics directly affect each and every one of our communities. It is the goal of LX3 Entertainment to support these issues and bring them to the forefront of those most important to us. LX3 Entertainment strives to assist in developing positive and productive leaders. 

LX3 Publishing Company

LX3 Publishing Company promotes books that people can relate to that will change lives in a positive and productive way. 

Mission: to give stories about things that are familiar in a realistic, relative and intimate fashion. We aim to allow the reader to go on a journey with us page after page and provide adult, teenage, and children's books, as well as poetry. We will release an array of genres to cater to the likes of readers abroad. We strive to bring back the importance of reading to combat illiteracy and educate through content that provides in depth solutions that will guide people on the right path. 

LX3 Publishing strives to release fresh material each quarter and promote present and future projects as time progresses into the next quarter. We use books to promote various programs that are sponsored by LX3 as well. 

LX3 Publishing will soon be releasing books such as "How It All Started", "Game Godz", "Loyalty", "S.T.V.(STOP THE VIOLENCE)", "From Gz to Gentlemen", "For the Future (Kid's Story)", "Mr. Kool Smilez", "I Miss My Dad", "Bullies Are Not Cool (Bullying story for kids)", "Reading is Leading" and more. 

Through the books we promote, LX3 Publishing will put an end to illiteracy one book at a time. 

LX3 Productions & Films

LX3 Entertainment gives the movie industry what it's been missing by showing the world that Mississippi, and other southern states, is as talented as everyone else and that we have a story to tell. We will reshape the mindset of the world through our movies, plays and videos by giving a vivid, visual perspective of our struggle and our journey to overcome. 

Mission: To use our movies, plays and videos to provide visions that will inspire, guide, teach, and reach the world. Perception is one's reality through individual understanding; therefore, our products touch base on issues and stories that destroy our communities and the hopes and dreams of our youth. We instill references to the programs we sponsor and build a platform of growth through our material to draw the youth's attention away from negativity.

Vision: Simple.....to teach and reach

To promote, support and recruit local talent, LX3 Publishing will find auditoriums locally and abroad to present plays to various communities. Prices will be reasonable yet comparable to others in the area with quality service at all times. Documentaries are also projects that LX3 Publishing takes part in. We strive to share truthful accounts of various people to spread the word about real life events.