Look-Listen-Learn Youth Development Foundation is a legitimate non-profit organization (bearing and authentic 501c(3) certificate) which Maximus Kendale III created, established and erected in 2013 with the assistance of one Cynthia Bell. Look-Listen_Learn.com is the website for Look-Listen-Learn Youth Development Foundation and also home of positive energy and prosperity. The website is used for the purposes of minimizing illiteracy, counseling youths, and keeping our communites abreast of trending headlines. Look-Listen_Learn Youth Development Foundation also distribues college scholarships to graduating high school seniors. Look-Listen_Learn Youth Development Foundation utilizes precise, yet common, growth and development methods to transcend ordinary and fundamental innovation to greater heights; because, although the knowledge has been taught previously, it is the metaphorical rhetoric in which it's administered in it's rebirth that actually makes our learning methods easier and more efficient. 

The Look-Listen_Learn Youth Development Foundation is fractionated, however, not limited to:

1. Provide yearly scholarships to high school youths assisting them with a positive financial start in the adult world. 

2. Street organization unification to put forth an effort to combat the rising violence in our communities spread by "street organization" members. 

3. Replacing violence; instilling values, self-worth and moral standards. 

The Look-Listen-Learn Youth Development Foundation shall also embark on online education, economic, political and social encouraging blog. The Foundation will also provide the public with trending headlines, innovative ways to counter obesity, weekly inspiration, condolences to victims during times of bereavement, advocate positivity, cancer awareness, and gun control. 

Each division of the LX3 Brand will harbor its own identiy, independence, sponsors and expenses. LX3 is becoming a rapidly growing  franchise. We extend our gratitude to everyone who has and will support our efforts. We are one and we will continue to grow as a collective making growth a priority and therefore, inevitable.